Bill of Materials


This is the Bill of Materials to make one Playing with the Sun Construction Kit. One "Kit" is enough for 1-3 learners to work with at a time (we usually have pairs work together in workshops). It consists of a solarengine, powerpack, motor, 1/2 of a crank charger (because two groups can share a single crank charger), 3 x .5 watt solar panels, 4 XT30 patch cables, 20 snap rivets, and about 1 meter length of 12mm plumber strap cut to smaller pieces.

Below is a description of the parts required to build each component.

Circuit Boards

The circuit boards consist of a solarengine, powerpack, and motor. Boards can be fabricated at JLC PCB, Aisler, or any other electronics fabricator using the BOM and CAD files located in the circuit boards repository. This isn't as simple as we'd like it to be yet, so you'll need someone familiar with electronics to place the order. If you need help, you can reach out.

Crank Chargers

In workshops, crank chargers can be shared, so you need only one charger for every two kits.

Qty Description Notes
1 Wind Hydraulic Generator Hand Crank Dynamo Also available on eBay. Be sure to buy one with crank handle.
1 XT30 pigail, female head, 30 cm long Be sure to select correct "color" and "package" options when ordering
2 Zener Diodes 5.1V 5W Limits voltage output of generator
1 Bridge Rectifier, 4A Makes crank work both ways
4 Barrier Terminal Block 1 POS These or any screw down wire connector should work to build the circuit in the charger
4 Clear Silicon tubing 36mm ID x 40mm OD This is used to protect the circuitry. Hose clamps are optional to hold it against the body of the generator.

Solar Panels

This design is "stackable" so the learner can use from 1 to 3 at a time. Quantities are for 3. The lasercut frames use 3mm plywood.

Qty Description Notes
3 0.5W Solar Panel 55x70 70x55mm, 5 Volts
3 XT30PW-M Connector I wish Mouser had these, but they don't.
3 XT30PW-F Connector

Structural Elements and Connectors

Qty Description Notes
20 SNAP RIVET T-TYPE .161"DIA .24" These are the "Dooter" we use to connect pieces of "hulbÄnd" or plumber's strap.
.1 Steel Plastic Coated Fixing Band, 10m x 12mm This is made by BAND-IT, who says that AE465 stainless steel should be the same as AE565, galvanized steel. Quantity is .1 because you need one meter per kit, but minimum size is a 10m reel
4 XT30 Patch cables, male to female, 10 cm Used for connecting electrical components. Be sure to choose correct options when ordering, i.e. "Color: male to female"